Domestic Violence "New Endings Initiative" to End the Violence

New Endings Domestic Violence logo
I feel obligated to do whatever I can to help educate the general public and provide information to make everyone aware of just how widespread domestic violence is in our communities. 
There is truly strength in numbers.  By working together, we can help educate ourselves and the public, which will allow us to collaborate throughout the United States to help stop domestic violence.  
I strongly believe that we have the power within us to change our lives and the lives of those around us.

The "New Endings" Initiative  is designed to break the generational cycle of violence by changing public attitudes and social norms to create a future in which lives are neither lost to nor limited by domestic violence. The mission of this initiative will be accomplished by:
  • Raising public awareness about domestic and sexual violence through formal and informal forums.
  • Learn how to respond appropriately if someone discloses  an abusive relationship.
  • Being nonviolent and non-judgmental in our interactions with others.
  • Speaking  out against violence when confronted with it in our daily lives.
  • Refusing to support media/entertainment forums that perpetuate objectification of women and violence against women.
  •  Challenging attitudes and beliefs that allow the violence and blame the victim.
  • Not laughing at sexist or racist jokes or jokes about sexual orientation.
  • Holding the batterer, not the victims, accountable for the violence.